Boring day

Her name is Kat. She put a baby powder on her face and pretended to be serious.


The Day ends. The Night starts.

Testing two photos for long exposure. For the 2nd photo, it looked blurry. Because I was shocked when the lighting was striking so my hands were shaking. Did you see that lighting and my cat Sour-Pus?


  1. hi mall, can you make a comparison shot on how wide the 20mm lens vs the 14mm lens? tnx tnx

  2. hello! I haven't bought / tried 14-42mm and 7-14mm lenses yet. 7-14mm is wider, 14-42mm is more zoom in. I'm planning to order 7-14mm when I get monies. :D

    There are a lot of sample pics of 20mm and 14mm o Flickr:

    20mm (perfect for portraiture / objects / travelling / urban places):

    7-14mm (landscapes, places, urban buildings, travelling):

    14-42mm (landscapes, places, urban buildings, travelling):

  3. ah.. 20mm and nikkor 50mm pala lens mo. kala ko 14-42mm and 20mm. sorry.

    nice.... tnx!

    hoping to get my GF1 soon..