No more clothes XI

GF1 + Cosina Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1 lens
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Long Exposure was so fun!

My friends and I went to the beach after we took happy hours for my birthday celebration. Long exposure was so fun! GF1 + Lumix 20mm pancake + Joby Gorilla tripod, ISO 100, 60 seconds


Sunny Day

GF1 + SLR Magic 26mm f/1.4 toy lens


My nephew Liam

Video Test
GF1 + SLR Magic 26mm f/1.4 toy lens


GF1 + SLR Magic 26mm f/1.4

Old Photos Effect? Use Plastic Cap!

I am a very active member on Philmug forum, I really love to learn from wonderful people about photography techniques, tips, advices, etc. I found an interesting forum about cheap photography trick by Krist Menina.

He said : " I was gonna try the vaseline hack from this Photojojo blog and I bought a slightly cheap UV filter for it. But then it's not easy letting go of a brand new filter (and throwing 400 pesos in the air) in case, it would be permanently damaged. Fortunately, I found something real cheap to get the same effect: the plastic cap of a cotton buds container (30+ pesos). I got photos that have a lomo-y look to them even though they we're taken off a Lumix GF1. "

Krist is a genius! Check his photos on Flickr account. So I tried to experiment my photography, it was so fun! Amazingly, there are many different effects: dreamy, lomography style, Holga-style, pinhole effect, scratchy / vignetted effect, etc. Here are my shots.