I got my Hoya UV Filter!

Yey, I got my new Hoya UV filter! I needed this filter for protecting my lens from any dirts, dusts, smudges and other impurities! I love it!

Here are my few test shots. No photoshop, but I just resized them on Photoshop.

New Friends.

Going Home.

Happy Sunset.

My cat Sour-Pus.


  1. What fantastic shots! I especially love the one of the snail and the (centipede?) seeming to greet each other.

  2. Thank you Sara! Me too, I adore snail and (not sure if it's centipede because his legs are short?). I found two small creatures on a moss-covered jar, I grabbed my camera to take pic of them. Sweet! :D

  3. great blog you have here- I'd like to know where you found that beautyfull green strap??

    johan coppens