Old Photos Effect? Use Plastic Cap!

I am a very active member on Philmug forum, I really love to learn from wonderful people about photography techniques, tips, advices, etc. I found an interesting forum about cheap photography trick by Krist Menina.

He said : " I was gonna try the vaseline hack from this Photojojo blog and I bought a slightly cheap UV filter for it. But then it's not easy letting go of a brand new filter (and throwing 400 pesos in the air) in case, it would be permanently damaged. Fortunately, I found something real cheap to get the same effect: the plastic cap of a cotton buds container (30+ pesos). I got photos that have a lomo-y look to them even though they we're taken off a Lumix GF1. "

Krist is a genius! Check his photos on Flickr account. So I tried to experiment my photography, it was so fun! Amazingly, there are many different effects: dreamy, lomography style, Holga-style, pinhole effect, scratchy / vignetted effect, etc. Here are my shots.


  1. Katuwa naman yan. Another reason to keep those plastic covers on hand.

    Uy, Philmugger ka din pala? I'm not an active member, but I do lurk every so often. :)