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GF1 + Cosina Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1


  1. amazing picture - gorgeous photographer ;)

  2. does this came out naturally? or you enhance them in photoshop?

    aaahh! love this. <3

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  4. I have just purchased a GF1 here in the UK after looking at all your fantastic work! Can you tell me what lens I should buy next and why? I have the 20mm pancake.

  5. Hi Mall, you inspire me! I've scrolled thru literally all your photos..they are amazing!.. I just got my own GF2.. I love the saturation/ contrast in both your b&w and color photos... if i may ask, what color modes or adjustments do you use for eithe color or b&w?.. thanks!!!! xo..c

  6. @johan: thank you so much! :)

    @hael: thank you sweetie! I just changed the color settings on Photoshop a little bit. The colors of original image is orange / yellow / brown, just like warm colors. :)

    @the sound gallery: hey congratulations on your new toy! hope you will like it! Regarding your question about lenses, it depends on your important needs. For instance, you want to take landscape photos, get Lumix 14-45mm (zoom in / telephoto lens) and 7-14mm (wide-angle lens). If you want macro objects, I recommend you to buy Lumix 45mm. :) Think about your needs first before you order lens.

    @(what's your name, btw? :) ) wow, congratz on your GF2! Hope you'll enjoy using it. thank you, glad you enjoy my photos, much appreciated! Mostly I use Standard, Dynamic and Dynamic BW modes. For the bizarre surreal colors (just for fun / creative uses), sometimes I change the White Balance colors (not Auto-White Balance). I really hope you understand my poor explanation, hehe! Cheers!

  7. Hello, thanks for the reply.

    I kinda asked my question wrong..
    After seeing all the lenses you have tried out, I was wondering, if you started from nothing which ones would you buy first?

    Keep posting the pictures, they look fantastic.

  8. hello Mall,

    I just walk around on your blog waiting for new pictures !!!!!!

    I made a little update